Friday, May 19, 2017

Grammar Gaffe: Broke vs. Broken

Okay, this grammar gaffe really annoys me (as opposed to slightly annoys me): when people say "broke" when they really mean "broken."

First, we need to talk about two different forms of "broke."

1. Broke (verb): past tense of "to break."
1. Broke (adjective): without money; penniless

Only people can be broke. An inanimate object cannot have money, an inanimate object doesn't need money, therefore it cannot be "broke." 

If you're talking about something breaking in the past, then you can can say the item broke, but it is not broke. It is "broken." Please, allow me to say it again, the item is broken!

The table is broke.

The table is broken.

My car is broke. 

My car is broken.

My car broke.

My brother was broken when he found out he was broke.

Lesson given, and hopefully lesson received.

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